• Social

    Jit International Logistics employees are the most important asset. Which can only maintain our market success by motivated and qualified employees. Our employee retention efforts are supported by our commitment to sustainable staff development and a strong corporate culture. That is by ensuring fair working conditions
  • Economic

    We’re always focused on refining our strategy to improve our quality. As our golden strategy is the talent one stop strategy so the customer satisfaction must be our main focus. That’s why we’ve placed it as a top priority of our every year strategy. In our golden strategy, we focus on three aspects to improve quality: • Culture: Put consistent focus on customers and operational excellence • Digital expertise: Continue to use innovative solutions in our core business and on generating our new business in opening a new markets • Performance: Take responsibility support increasing our outcome performance
  • Environmental

    Acting with the environment in mind is a key aspect at JIT International Logistics. JIT international logistics seeks to decrease the transport miles by consolidations, and using the eco method especially in the inland /road trucking by the efficient and effective use of available resources